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Identifying Cyber Threats

Turn the spotlight on, yourself

Your teams needs to establish the facts for your business. Where are you most vulnerable? How easy is it for a malicious actor to breach your defences? How effective are your security operations?


Organisations should be asking these questions regularly. Security teams need to maintain awareness of their business’ cyber risk, and understand how effective they are at identifying and responding to threats

Prioritise your debt

Security debt within organisations is still all too common. Whilst the number of IT projects implemented without any security oversight is reducing, there are still too many networks and information systems presenting malicious actors with an opportunity to steal or manipulate data, or take systems offline.


Reduction of this debt needs to happen in priority order, with likelihood and potential impact being the key currencies.

Quantify the returns

All investments can be justified and the reduction of risk is the key return from any investment in cyber security.


This is seldom enough to underpin a continued investment case however, and businesses often struggle to identify real tangible benefits to the investments they make in cyber security - a critical component of any successful risk reduction programme.

How can CyberLens help?

CyberLens testing services offer Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking services that can continually test your defences.


Our experts act as would be adversaries, highlighting where you are vulnerable and reporting this back to you for remediation.


CyberLens Professional services can assist with the prioritisation of cyber risk, justifying investment, and delivering the skills and resources required to help you mitigate risks and improve your security posture.


We also include red teaming as part of our own managed security operations (SOC) services. Holding ourselves to account and testing our capabilities and procedures regularly.

Cyber security impacts everyone in the business

Any organisation that uses digital assets is vulnerable to a cyber-attack or data breach. And it’s no longer just the responsibility of an IT department. From board-level strategic governance through to the need to defend against day-to-day-phishing attacks, the issue of cyber security affects every employee in business.

Select a stage from the journey below to understand how CyberLens can hep you manage your business’ Information & Cyber Security



Create the foundations for continued success

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/setting-strategy/">Create the foundations for continued success</a>



Build a custom framework for your business

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/introducing-governance/">Build a custom framework for your business</a>



Optimise your return on investment

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/leveraging-technology">Optimise your return on investment</a>


Cyber Threats

Test your defences, before others do

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/identifying-cyber-threats/">Test your defences,<br>before others do</a>


Security Operations

Keep your organisation secure, 24x7

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/formalising-security-operations/">Keep your organisation secure, 24x7</a>


Advanced Capabilities

Detect and respond, at machine speed

<a href="https://cyberlens.com//developing-advanced-capabilities/">Detect and respond, at machine speed</a>

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