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Introducing Governance

Stick to the task

The only constant is change, and change introduces new risks and potentially, new threats. As your organisation adapts, your security must adapt with it, and keep pace too.


Too many businesses take a “point-in-time” approach to information and cyber security and this leaves them open to risk.

Develop a system

With a structured approach, you can successfully manage the risks inherent within your organisation, as well as tackle those presented by change.


A combination of processes and technology provide the blueprint against which you can implement effective information and cyber security, what you need now is expertise.

Build your team

To be both holistic and successful in your approach, you need access to experienced, multi-skilled professionals. People that understand business, security and technology that, collectively, can help your business succeed securely.

How can CyberLens help?

CyberLens Advisory Services help businesses implement effective Information Security Management Systems (ISMS).


We work within your organisation as a trusted partner, understanding the risks and challenges that are unique to your business. Our experts help you create and implement a suite of policies and procedures that ensure you stay on track when it comes to managing your information and cyber security.


In partnership with your IT team, CyberLens professional services then leverage this framework to help you identify, at a high level, the technology you will need to achieve the right level of cyber security, further defining what good looks like, and giving you clarity over the next steps in your security journey.

Cyber security impacts everyone in the business

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