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Testing Services

You’re safe today, but what about tomorrow

New threats to organisational data are uncovered almost every minute of every day. How sure are you that your systems are secure and able to fend off new malware threats and other vicious attacks from intruders?

Our security testing services help you discover vulnerabilities, and identify exactly where you are at risk.

Vulnerability Scanning

Automated scans that identify known vulnerabilities within your systems.

Penetration Testing

Human led point-in-time missions to safely exploit vulnerabilities within your systems and understand what’s possible from the perspective of a malicious actor.

Ethical Hacking

A highly-skilled team, constantly challenging the cyber security of your enterprise, delivering detailed security assessments that attempt to break every layer of your organisation's cyber security defences.

CyberLens has you covered

Cyberlens provides technology-independent information and cyber security services that will support organisations of any size throughout their cyber security journey. Our clients can work with us for specific projects or select ongoing, fully managed services. We only employ the best people that can work as part of your team.


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