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Setting Strategy

Maximise your resources

Information and cyber security can feel like an insurance policy, and like all policies, costs can range from minimal to the extreme.


Developing a strategy is vital for any business that wants to strike the right balance, appropriately managing risk whilst maximising its return from a limited set of resources.

Enable your business

It is important that your information and cyber security strategy aligns with your business’ objectives. It is critical then, that the business engages in the process of creating the strategy and that we ask the right questions, for example:


  • What are the business’ objectives over the coming 5 years?
  • How will this wider business strategy affect our reliance on information and digital assets?
  • What level of impact can we tolerate should a security incident occur in our business?
  • How quickly do we want to achieve our desired risk profile?

Answering these questions, and others like them, will set you on the right path, but the answers must come from the business - with help from security professionals.

Have confidence in your actions

An information and cyber security strategy developed in collaboration with the business ensures that you set off in the right direction. It can also act as a compass as your business grows, giving you confidence whilst allowing you to pivot where necessary.

How can CyberLens help?

CyberLens Advisory Services help businesses develop and implement effective and proportionate information security strategies. We work with your senior business and security leaders, helping them ask and answer the right questions so that we can develop a strategy that supports your business throughout its journey.


Through a series of workshops, we become part of your organisation, understanding its individual characteristics and information security challenges. Following this consultation period, we produce a documented Information Security Strategy, offering immediate, short, medium and long-term objectives that align with the high-level policies and strategic decisions considered during our engagement.

Cyber security impacts everyone in the business

Select a stage from the journey below to understand how CyberLens can hep you manage your business’ Information & Cyber Security



Create the foundations for continued success

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/setting-strategy/">Create the foundations for continued success</a>



Build a custom framework for your business

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/introducing-governance/">Build a custom framework for your business</a>



Optimise your return on investment

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/leveraging-technology">Optimise your return on investment</a>


Cyber Threats

Test your defences, before others do

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/identifying-cyber-threats/">Test your defences, </br>before others do</a>


Security Operations

Keep your organisation secure, 24x7

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/formalising-security-operations/">Keep your organisation secure, 24x7</a>


Advanced Capabilities

Detect and respond, at machine speed

<a href="https://cyberlens.com//developing-advanced-capabilities/">Detect and respond, at machine speed</a>

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