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Leveraging Technology

Swim with the tide

Ineffective implementation, management and use of security technology is a drain on budgets and resources, and can hand the advantage to the malicious actors trying to breach your defences.


A key ingredient of any successful information and cyber security function is the appropriate selection, and successful application, of security technology that supports your strategic goals and delivers maximum return on investment through the reduction of risk.

Plan to succeed

Technology projects of any nature need proper planning and management, and it is critical that this includes consideration for ongoing operations. This is even more important in the world of cyber security. All too often, the wrong technology choice, or poor implementation and operation, means threats go un-noticed or worse, new threat vectors are introduced.

Pass the test

Security testing plays an important role in securing any organisation. Whether it’s an existing footprint, or technology brought about by change, you need to know it’s secure. Point in time testing is good, continuous testing is better.


Your business should be making resources available to ensure testing becomes a regular activity and that technological change does not affect the security of your business.

How can CyberLens help?

CyberLens Professional Services and CyberLens Testing Services combine to ensure that technology implementations within customer environments deliver the right security outcomes.


Experts within CyberLens Professional Services help customers navigate the security vendor landscape, select the right technology for your current and future needs, and integrate that technology with your existing systems and processes. Our professional services team can also act as security architects within projects that focus on non-security related technologies. Security architects help businesses ensure that any change within its technology landscape does not lead to greater cyber security risk.


CyberLens Testing Services play an equally critical role in both types of projects, helping businesses realise the benefits of their security technology investment, and highlighting areas that threaten non-security related projects.

Cyber security impacts everyone in the business

Select a stage from the journey below to understand how CyberLens can hep you manage your business’ Information & Cyber Security



Create the foundations for continued success

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/setting-strategy/">Create the foundations for continued success</a>



Build a custom framework for your business

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/introducing-governance/">Build a custom framework for your business</a>



Optimise your return on investment

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/leveraging-technology">Optimise your return on investment</a>


Cyber Threats

Test your defences, before others do

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/identifying-cyber-threats/">Test your defences,</br> before others do</a>


Security Operations

Keep your organisation secure, 24x7

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/formalising-security-operations/">Keep your organisation secure, 24x7</a>


Advanced Capabilities

Detect and respond, at machine speed

<a href="https://cyberlens.com//developing-advanced-capabilities/">Detect and respond, at machine speed</a>

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