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Developing Advanced Capabilities

Respond at machine speed

Automation is a key weapon in defending against malicious actors. It allows you to close down threats more quickly, and alleviates pressure on analysts, allowing them to concentrate on investigations that are more critical, rather than repetitive tasks.

Champion repeatability

The challenge for many security teams is that budget and time constraints make it difficult to incorporate automation in to their operational processes.  Code and tooling is often disparate rather than centralised and focused on a core platform, and efforts can often hinder teams initially as each automation is a new “product” requiring new learning and new tools and techniques.


Your business needs a partner that has been there and done it.

Allow flexibility

With a constantly changing landscape, you also need to avoid vendor lock-in. Any direct investment to integrate and automate with existing tooling could result in money wasted if that tooling needs to change.


Working with a managed security partner that can pivot when you do is key to ensuring you optimise your automation spend.

How can CyberLens Help?

CyberLens provides businesses with the skills, tooling and platform required to successfully implement its security automation strategy. Our entire managed service offering focuses on integration and automation, providing your business with as much firepower as is possible in its defence against malicious actors.


CyberLens managed security operations (SOC) help customers disaggregate services from the underlying technology. Our SOC service can ingest sensor information from, and integrate with, any security technology that has an appropriate API (application programming interface).


We can deliver a fully managed service that not only responds to indications of threat through automated responses, but also offers full implementation, configuration and management of the relevant technology components and procedures on a day-to-day basis.

Cyber security impacts everyone in the business


Select a stage from the journey below to understand how CyberLens can hep you manage your business’ Information & Cyber Security



Create the foundations for continued success

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/setting-strategy/">Create the foundations for continued success</a>



Build a custom framework for your business

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/introducing-governance/">Build a custom framework for your business</a>



Optimise your return on investment

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/leveraging-technology">Optimise your return on investment</a>


Cyber Threats

Test your defences, before others do

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/identifying-cyber-threats/">Test your defences, <br>before others do</a>


Security Operations

Keep your organisation secure, 24x7

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/formalising-security-operations/">Keep your organisation secure, 24x7</a>


Advanced Capabilities

Detect and respond, at machine speed

<a href="https://cyberlens.com//developing-advanced-capabilities/">Detect and respond, at machine speed</a>

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