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We help secure your future...

The challenge of keeping your information secure becomes more costly and complex every year. As growth accelerates, we become more reliant on technology, introducing greater levels of Information and Cyber Security Risk that we need to understand and manage.

Our Advisory services provide the skills and resources that help you improve and maintain your security capability at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.







Get access to a qualified CISO

Get the skills and direction needed to ensure your business stays secure. 

Align your security strategy with your business goals
Secure the commitment of key stakeholders
Achieve and maintain compliance
Identify, assess and prioritise your risks
Drive change to improve your posture
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...by driving the right behaviours.

Information is the life-blood of your organisation and it’s critical you take the right approach to managing your business’ Information and Cyber Security Risk. 

Avoiding conflicts of interest is key. 

Read our engagement charter to learn more about how we drive the right behaviours across our business and yours, ensuring maximum focus on the delivery of security outcomes.

Engagement Charter

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest - Here's what we think's important


Our business will never be driven by numbers. Whilst we think sales professionals are vital, and are the life blood of many businesses,  it’s our view that commercially incentivising business development within the Information and Cyber Security sector can too easily drive the wrong behaviours, and thus wrong outcomes for our clients.

Instead, we operate a more consultative engagement methodology, designed to maximise value and drive the greatest improvements in our client’s security posture.

Tie-In Periods

We don’t look to tie customers  in to lengthy or onerous contractual agreements. We operate a rolling three-month notice period on all of our CISO as a Service engagements.


Compliance is a by-product of good Information and Cyber Security, not the driver. If it’s a tick-box approach to compliance that you’re interested in, then sorry, but we’re not the security partner for you.


It’s important that we report into the right parts of your organisation. We expect to hold stakeholder relationships at C-Level, and will always look to avoid reporting in to IT or Software Engineering functions.

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Popular FAQs

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Do you offer CISO as a service?

Yes we can offer a CISO as a service package, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

What managed security services do you provide?

CyberLens' core managed service is our managed security operations centre (“SOC”) which can ingest signals from any compatible security technology via API.


In addition, we offer full configuration, management and alert triage services for the following security technologies:


  • Microsoft 365 Security Stack
  • Microsoft Azure (Utilising Azure Sentinel and Azure Identity Protection)
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Phishing Defence
  • Cloud Access Security (CASB)

We also build penetration testing, basic phishing defences, cybersquatting defences in to our managed SOC solution, and integrate with multiple threat intelligence feeds.

What is the minimum contract term for your managed security services?

All customers are free to cancel their contract with 3 calendar months’ notice. We like to earn the right to work with our customers on an ongoing basis.

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