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Formalising Security Operations

Build a complete picture

Would you start a puzzle if you didn’t have all the pieces? You need to ask the same question when it comes to security operations.


Many security services available on the market today - whilst effective in their own space - leave gaps that the customer must compensate for. Your business needs a partner that can build a complete solution with you.

Get everything on the table

One of the biggest challenges that todays’ security leaders face is that of bringing everything together. Phishing defences, infrastructure security monitoring, identity, endpoint detection, mobile device management. The full list is greater still, and all of the information that these components provide that assists with the detection of threats should be available to review in one place.

Drive continuous improvement

When it comes to security operations, the job is never ‘done’.  The ever-changing landscape demands an iterative approach to security engineering – the process of leveraging technology to bring anomalistic and potentially damaging activity to light.

How can CyberLens help?

CyberLens managed security operations (SOC) help customers disaggregate services from the underlying technology. Our SOC service can ingest sensor information from, and integrate with, any security technology that has an appropriate API (application programming interface).

We can deliver a fully managed service that not only responds to indications of threat through automated responses, but also offers full implementation, configuration and management of the relevant technology components and procedures on a day-to-day basis.

Cyber security impacts everyone in the business

Select a stage from the journey below to understand how CyberLens can hep you manage your business’ Information & Cyber Security



Create the foundations for continued success

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/setting-strategy/">Create the foundations for continued success</a>



Build a custom framework for your business

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/introducing-governance/">Build a custom framework for your business</a>



Optimise your return on investment

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/leveraging-technology">Optimise your return on investment</a>


Cyber Threats

Test your defences, before others do

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/identifying-cyber-threats/">Test your defences,<br>before others do</a>


Security Operations

Keep your organisation secure, 24x7

<a href="https://cyberlens.com/formalising-security-operations/">Keep your organisation secure, 24x7</a>


Advanced Capabilities

Detect and respond, at machine speed

<a href="https://cyberlens.com//developing-advanced-capabilities/">Detect and respond, at machine speed</a>

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