We Are CyberLens

About Us

We do things a bit differently

We help our customers at all levels of their cybersecurity from offering advice and support when developing a strategy at board level, through to fully managed single-pane-of-glass security operations and automation solutions that integrate into existing systems.

We're here for the journey

We don’t try to shoe-horn customers’ needs in to a narrow and tightly defined set of services.

Instead we take a holistic approach, recognising that – depending on where they are in their security journey – customers’ needs are different. We take a holistic approach, offering a broad set of services that mean we can partner with customers over the long-term.

Meaningful relationships with our customers

Our goal is to build meaningful relationships with our customers.

We think of ourselves as an extension of your team, at multiple levels. Whether your business needs assistance at a strategic, management or operational level, we have the skills and the resources available to support your needs.

Primed and ready to deal with the unexpected

Information & cyber security is not just about protecting you today, it’s about anticipating where you need protection tomorrow and into the future. We have invested our time and talent into delivering the best possible service.

A great place to work

We want to attract the best people in the industry and are committed to creating career opportunities for ambitious and skilled professionals. We nurture new talent and allow our experienced people the freedom to explore specialist areas of the industry.

Our Values

Strong Customer Relationships

We aim to be your security partner, working as part of your team and supporting your business at every stage.

Excellence through leadership

We are committed to leading our teams and individuals to aim high and become the best they can be.

Technology independence

We take a holistic, technology independent approach to delivering what is right for your business.

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