Technology-independent information & cyber security services

Flexibility is key to keeping one step ahead

From advisory engagements through to fully managed security operations, our team will help protect your business at every stage.

The challenge of keeping your data secure becomes more costly and complex every year. As we accelerate our digital transformation, we introduce greater levels of risk that we need to understand and manage.

CyberLens offers a range of technology-independent services, meaning you never have to compromise on decisions and put the security of your business at risk.

Technology-independent information and cyber security services that will help you achieve the right level of security for your organisation
Holistic approach
Shared accountability
Flexible contracts
Advisory Services
Professional Services
Testing Services
Single-pane-of-glass managed security operations
Focused on automation
Integrates with existing systems
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Security is everyone's responsibility

Any organisation that uses digital assets is vulnerable to a cyber-attack or data breach. And it’s no longer just the responsibility of an IT department. From board-level strategic governance through to the need to defend against day-to-day-phishing attacks, the issue of security affects everyone in the business.

To learn more about how we can hep you manage your Information & Cyber Security risk, select a heading from the journey timeline below that aligns most closely with your requirements. 

To learn more about how we can hep you manage your Information & Cyber Security risk, swipe along the the Information and Cyber Security journey timeline below, and select a heading that aligns most closely with your requirements. 

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Do you offer CISO as a service?

Yes we can offer a CISO as a service package, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

What managed security services do you provide?

CyberLens' core managed service is our managed security operations centre (“SOC”) which can ingest signals from any compatible security technology via API.


In addition, we offer full configuration, management and alert triage services for the following security technologies:


  • Microsoft 365 Security Stack
  • Microsoft Azure (Utilising Azure Sentinel and Azure Identity Protection)
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Phishing Defence
  • Cloud Access Security (CASB)

We also build penetration testing, basic phishing defences, cybersquatting defences in to our managed SOC solution, and integrate with multiple threat intelligence feeds.

What is the minimum contract term for your managed security services?

All customers are free to cancel their contract with 3 calendar months’ notice. We like to earn the right to work with our customers on an ongoing basis.

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