CyberLens becomes a corporate supporter of Bletchley Park

CyberLens becomes a corporate supporter of Bletchley Park, the home of British Codebreaking

We’re thrilled to announce that we have become a corporate supporter of Bletchley Park, the world-renowned World War II codebreaking site and a birthplace of the modern computer. 

As well as having the honour to support the Bletchley Park Trust, we join an extraordinary line-up of other partners including, GCHQ, Facebook, BT and Goldman Sachs. This collective support allows Bletchley Park to continue with its vision to be recognised and acknowledged worldwide for the achievements that took place there during World War II. 

Bletchley Park made a significant impact on the modern world

Bletchley Park is probably best known for decoding the Nazi’s Enigma machine, and the intelligence it produced had a profound impact on the outcome of the conflict. We owe the men and women who worked there a colossal debt of gratitude. Not just for their contribution to the war but also for their extraordinary innovation and creative thinking that paved the way for the technology we use today. The technology advancements made at Bletchley Park continue to have a massive impact on the ‘digital-first’ world. Its influence will continue into the future.

An inspiration for every visitor

Now a vibrant heritage attraction and museum, Bletchley Park provides virtual learning experiences, engaging learning resources that enhance the experience of school groups, and fascinating exhibition spaces that inspire everyone who visits.

As a firm that specialises in the protection of information and data, we believe Bletchley Park is an ideal fit for our commitment to support the important heritage of the technology industry. We feel privileged to play a small part in its enduring legacy.  

If you’ve never visited Bletchley Park, we highly recommend it. To read more about this extraordinary place, click here for details.

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