Recruitment Privacy Policy -
CyberLens Information and Cyber Security Limited ("CyberLens")

We aim to look after any data you submit to us carefully and this page sets out the who, what, where and why on the data we are collecting. Should you have any questions please get in touch and we will ensure we appropriately handle any queries you may have..

Who is collecting my data?

Any data submitted through the forms on our website is held by CyberLens. We are the data controller.

What information do we collect?

When you submit a query using the form on the careers page of our website, we will simply collect your First and Last Name and your e-mail address, plus any personal information you choose to submit in your message.


If you progress you query with us further, and register your details using our recruitment portal, we will collect your name and email address as a minimum, and we will also ask for your C.V. / Resume which may include additional personal information (as provided by you).


In addition, you may also submit the following information using the form for our candidate registration process:


  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Address
  • Professional details including:
    • Current job title
    • Current employer
    • Current and expected salaries
    • Skill set
  • Any other information that relates to your professional status that you choose to submit
  • Details of your education, including where you have studied and what courses you have taken
  • Your experience to date, including where you have worked and details of the roles you have performed
  • Links to your social network homepages
Who is processing my information?

Your data is processed through our recruitment software partner which is ZOHO CORPORATION B. V. whose registered office is at Beneluxlaan 4B, 3527 HT UTRECHT, The Netherlands (“Zoho”), and may also be processed by our HR consultants (who change from time to time and who undertake HR related activities on our behalf). In both instances, this processing is performed under a strict data processing / confidentiality agreement and is processed on behalf of CyberLens only.

Why do you collect my information and how is it used?

We collect your information so that we can:


  • Keep you informed of any job vacancies / associate roles in which you may be interested
  • Respond to any applications you make in relation to job vacancies / associate roles we have available (or that you make on a speculative basis)

Our basis for collecting and processing your information is your consent and our legitimate business purposes.

We will not share your information with any other party unless you have given explicit consent for us to do so.

For how long will you hold my information about me?

This depends on whether you progress your query and register with our recruitment portal.


If you do not do this, then we will automatically delete information we hold about you 7 days after you initially made contact with us through our website. 


If you do progress your query further by registering your details in our recruitment portal then, within that portal, we will provide instructions on how you can ask us to delete any information we hold about you.


Once you make such a request, we will delete this information in accordance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation ("UK GDPR").

Is my information secure?

Zoho holds our data (including any information you provide to us) on industry standard IT systems secured in line with current standards. Zoho’s systems and processes meet the requirements set by the UK GDPR, and align or comply with many standards including:


  • ISO/IEC 9001/27701/27001/27017/27018
  • SOC2
  • Payment Card Industry

The list of controls implemented by Zoho to protect the privacy of individuals whose data it processes is available at


CyberLens protects its logins to Zero’s systems using 2-factor authentication in order to help defend against security breaches.

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